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Management and administration of real estate, buying selling and renting of properties – private enterprises only.

Management and administration of real estate

ITAMACUS LTD. holds a growing number of real estate assets – with properties in 5 different districts in mainland Portugal, from the most Northern (Viana do Castelo) to the most Southern (Algarve) which purpose is maintenance, management and promotion being our principal efforts.


Buying and selling of properties

ITAMACUS, LTD. has well over a decade of experience in the Portuguese real estate market. With a deep knowledge of the tendencies, risks and potential of this market in Portugal. On 2012, with the new Law 29/2012, passed by the Portuguese parliament on the 9th of August, ITAMACUS LTD. has reached out for new markets, through the “Golden Visa Investment” program.



Renting of properties

A central feature of ITAMACUS LTD. vision of business is the potential profitability of the assets under our control. As such, all real estate managed by ITAMACUS is energised to obtain the best yields in the market and to secure steady incomes.


Golden Visa Investment

Portugal is now trying to expand into other markets and bring in foreign investments. Enjoy this great opportunity.